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Mollie + Pasu / Intimate Elopement in Little Rock, AR

Mollie and Pasu were planning to get married in November of 2022 but the universe had other plans. Pasu's visa didn't get approved and the wedding/celebration had to be pushed to May of 2023. Mollie and Pasu were just ready to FINALLY be married and decided to hold a very intimate ceremony in January of 2023 with their immediate family. They booked one of the coolest Airbnbs in Little Rock called The Color Block House - every room has a theme based on a specific color!!!!!!! It's seriously so so cool and I wish my house looked like that haha.

I spent about 2 hours with Mollie, Pasu and their family and drank some non-alcoholic champagne with them. It was truly the best morning and I am so stoked to share these images with you. I love big weddings but there's something so so special about these intimate gatherings. I had to pinch myself, not even joking. It was just so special.

I always try and be a fly on the wall and just 'tell the story' of the day, I'm very inspired by the photojournalistic style and I really want to lean more into that and filmy looks in 2023. I'm so grateful to Mollie and Pasu for allowing me to be apart of their journey and I can't wait to celebrate with a huuuuuuuge party this May!

Please enjoy the intimate moments from their ceremony <3

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